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New A&E unit to be operational in less than a year

Posted: 10/May 14:08 Last Updated: 10/May 14:08 Courtesy of Highland Radio news

It’s been confirmed today that the new A&E and medical building currently under construction at Letterkenny General Hospital will be open and operational in less than a year. Progress on the new Acute Psychiatric Unit is also continuing

During a site visit for local journalists today, the HSE confirmed that construction on the unit should be completed by November of this year, with a further three months needed to install equipment and fit the new units out.

HSE North West Estates Manager Michael Bermingham says the project is broadly on schedule.

Meanwhile, Hospital Manager Sean Murphy says the commissioning of the new units, allied with the increase in services in the community, should make the journey through A&E much easier.

He also says this will free up space in the existing hospital building which can be renovated and used for other purposes in line with a major 15 year development plan for the hospital which is currently being drawn up.

“”HSE admit NowDoc will be impacted by out of hours review

Posted: 30/Apr 13:23 Courtesy of Highlandradionews.com
Last Updated: 30/Apr 13:23

The HSE has acknowledged that Donegal could lose out in a re-organisation of out of hours GP services, but is stressing that no decisions have been taken.There are two centres fielding calls in the Western region, one in Galway, the other in Letterkenny. It’s understood the review recommends closing of one of them, and it’s feared the Letterkenny centre could be in the firing line.The HSE says specific decisions will be taken in the coming months, which will impact on services including NowDoc in Donegal.

Cllr Jimmy Harte, a member of the HSE’s Regional Health Forum says the prospect of job losses is serious, and an added concern is the fact that people could end up answering calls from Donegal without knowing the geography of the county.

HIQA review finds breast service at LGH is performing well

Posted: 25/Feb 13:56
Last Updated: 25/Feb 13:56  Courtesy of www.highlandradio.com

The Health Information and Quality Authority has published a review of how breast cancer is detected and treated.

The review assesses the performance of the eight national cancer centres of excellence, as well as the satellite service provided at Letterkenny General Hospital, which is found to be performing well.

The HIQA report concludes that the satellite symptomatic breast disease service at Letterkenny General Hospital is meeting most of the core quality and safety requirements.Under a number of target headings, Letterkenny General’s service reaches 100% compliance, including definitive diagnosis within two weeks of an urgent referral, and surgery within 20 days of diagnosis where necessary.Where slight issues were found in timelines for non-urgent referrals, the hospital promised those issues would be fully resolved by the end of last month.It is noteworthy that the reviews conclusions note that at the time of the review, it was unclear what impact, if any, the transfer of services from Sligo General Hospital would have on compliance figures in Galway, and whether or not such an impact would have a knock on effect on the satellite service in Letterkenny.Interestingly, as breast check is rolled out in Donegal Town, and arrangements are being finalised for its
roll out in Letterkenny, the proportion of patients found not to have malignant tumours is by far the highest in the country, and over twice the national average. Nationally, there is one malignant diagnosis for every 17 benign diagnoses, in Letterkenny there is one malignant diagnosis for every 37 benign diagnoses.

This would suggest that once breast check is fully available, and women can be screened before attending the centre at the hospital, and the proportion of benign to malignant cases should fall

Donegal health programme shortlisted for award

Posted: 2/Feb 18:21
Last Updated: 2/Feb 18:21 Courtesy of Highland Radio.com

The Women’s Health and Wellbeing Programme based in Co. Donegal has been shortlisted for the AONTAS STAR awards, which highlight outstanding examples of adult education each year.The Programme was developed by Donegal Women’s Network together with the HSE West. The project is one of three initiatives shortlisted in the Ulster Regional category.Speaking on behalf of FETAC, Ann Devlin, one of the sixteen judges adjudicating on the projects nominated, said. ‘The standard of nominations was extremely high this year.She continued ‘It is real testament to the quality of these projects that they have been singled out by the judging panel for their achievements.’

Visiting ban lifted as Letterkenny General Hospital is declared free of norovirus

The HSE has confirmed that Letterkenny General Hospital is now free from the winter vomitting bug, and all visiting restrictions have been lifted.

We would like to emphasise that members of the public should confine visiting to the official visiting times which are 2.30pm to 4pm and 6.30pm to 8pm. Children under 14 years of age should not visit the hospital at any time unless there are extenuating circumstances. Anyone who has had symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea over the previous 48 hours should stay away from the hospital, and management say good hand hygiene, involving both regular washing and use of hand sanatisers is vital in preventing further outbreaks of the virus.

Posted: 26/Jan 14:48
Last Updated: 26/Jan 14:48 Courtesy of www.Highlandradio.com

Donegal bottom in disposable income figures

Courtesy of Ocean Fm 8th Jan 2010

People in Donegal are amongst those who earn less money than people living anywhere else in the country.

Figures released yesterday by the Central Statistics Offices, showed that people in Donegal have the lowest disposable income in the country at just over 18,000euro.

That’s almost 3,000euro less than anywhere else in Ireland, and 5,000euro less than those resident in Dublin.

This was followed by people in Co. Offaly, where disposable income stands at 19,141euro.

The national average was 21,694euro.

The CSO figures base household income on wages, salaries, income from self-employment and state payments.


Letterkenny Generals budget boost, Sligo Generals cut

Posted: 6/Jan 12:52
Last Updated: 6/Jan 12:52 Courtesy of Highland Radio.com

Letterkenny General Hospital has seen its budget for 2010 increased by the HSE.

The Health Service Executive employs a system called “casemix” that penalises inefficient hospitals and redirects the money to more efficient ones.

The HSE has confirmed that overall nearly €14 million is being taken from 18 inefficient hospitals and redistributed among 21 efficient ones.

Letterkenny General Hospital has been rewarded with an increase of just over half a million euro in its budget for this year.

In contrast however Sligo General Hospital has seen its budget slashed – The HSE has cut its budget by 1.13 million euro.

The HSE says the budget adjustments – which are based on hospital performances in 2008/09 – are a reflection of each hospital’s true performance against their peers taking account of each hospital’s unique mix of cases and differing complexities

The executive insists that hospitals are not penalised for long-stay patients, neither are they rewarded for discharging patients too early.

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