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Who we are and what we do.

Donegal Action for Cancer Care (DACC) is a voluntary organisation formed in April 2005 to campaign for cancer services on behalf for cancer patients, their relatives and carers. DACC is led by a committee of representatives in County Donegal. DACC members are all voluntary & unpaid for all the  work they do.

DACC are in existence now over 12 years and are not going away!

DACC is committed to evidenced-based health policies and infrastructure planning consistent with the special geographic circumstances prevailing in County Donegal. DACC advocate the provision of cancer services for the people of Donegal, to the greatest extent possible, in Letterkenny General Hospital.

DACC is campaigning to ensure that Letterkenny General Hospital (LGH) retains and develops its cancer services, and for equal and better access to services for Donegal patients. DACC stresses that all patients, both public and private, should benefit from these much-needed resources. 

DACC aims to raise awareness of cancer through education and by promoting a positive approach thereby hoping to enhance the life of cancer patients and their families in Donegal

DACC is committed to minimising the impact of cancer in the community by:

  • Working within an Ethos of Respect for everyone
  • Providing the best possible support to people affected by cancer and their families within their remit.
  • Providing high quality, evidence based information about cancer to the public within their remit.
  • Delivering high quality cancer health education and health promotion programmes to the community.
  • Actively promoting and supporting research into the causes and treatment of cancer.
  • Undertaking political, governmental and departmental advocacy vigorously in pursuit of DACC’s aims and on all matters relating to cancer care and support, cancer education and research.
  • Taking a lead in the formation of alliances and cooperative relationships with other cancer organisations and service providers.
  • Making no distinctions as to race, religion or culture in the provision of support to people with cancer.

While some of these aims have been achieved through our hard work others are still being pursued in 2017.  We continue to have very serious concerns for the future of cancer & other services

at Letterkenny University Hospital.


Donegal Action for Cancer Care

New Mission Statement & Aims as adopted at EGM on 23rd April 09

Mission Statement:

“Equal Access for Equal Need”

The primary aim of DACC is to ensure the people of Donegal have access to world class cancer services whilst ensuring the retention and development of all cancer services at Letterkenny General Hospital.

The Aims of DACC will come under the following headings:

1. Awareness

2. Research

3. Prevention

4. Screening

5. Treatment


To make available evidence-based information about cancer to the public and identified target groups, such as teenagers, men, etc.



To actively promote and support research into the causes and treatments of cancer.


We actively promote clinically-proven cancer prevention measures.


1. Breast Check Screening

2. Bowel Screening

3. Prostate Screening

4. Cervical Smears


DACC will actively campaign for the provision of the following at Letterkenny General Hospital

1. Satellite Radiation Unit

2. Consultant Radiation Oncologist

3. A second full time Urologist

4.A second full time Breast Surgeon

5. Lobby for equal access for all Donegal patients to a Lymphoedema Service

6. To utilise National Treatment Purchase Fund to treat Donegal patients at Letterkenny General Hospital

7. Colposcopy Service at LGH to be named as a designated centre

                             8. Satellite Prostate Rapid Access Clinic at Letterkenny Hospital.


DACC’s original aims as of April 05

The permanent appointment to Letterkenny General Hospital; a Consultant Breast Surgeon; a Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and a Consultant Radiation Oncologist;
The retention of breast cancer services in Letterkenny General Hospital;
The immediate introduction of Breast check;
The provision of 70 new beds at Letterkenny General Hospital;
The establishment of a satellite radiotherapy unit in Letterkenny General Hospital;
Urgent designated funding to assist patients and their families who have to travel for treatments.

DACC’s campaign has highlighted to the County the deficit of need regarding provision of cancer services. We have the support of Letterkenny General Hospital; Surgeons/ Physicians; GP’s; Unions and the cross party support of Donegal’s politicians.
Despite our best efforts and hard work, no significant progress has been made. As from the 1st of June, cancer services will be scaled down at Letterkenny General Hospital.

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